Welcome to the course of experiential guiding!

This course consists of two levels, a basic and an advanced level. If  experiential guiding sounds like a new but exciting world to you, one which you want to know more of, it is best to start with the basic level.

If you already have a basic understanding of experiential guiding but you want to broaden your knowledge and further develop your skills, please proceed with the advanced level.

Not sure? There is a quiz unit at the end of each level which will tell you if you have mastered the content. This can help you decide what level is best suited for you.

Experiential guiding focuses on the following topics:

  • Experiences
  • Group Dynamics
  • Technologies
  • Experience Design


You will be challenged with literature, Powerpoints, Prezis, film, best practices, quizes and assignments for you to do at your own pace.

Experiential Guiding focuses on the next topics:

If these topics don't  directly ring a bell, you can start with our basic course. This course will give you more insight in these concepts

When the topics of Experiential Guiding are not new to you and you wish to deepen your knowledge, enter the advanced level.

Experiential Guiding, the advanced course, focuses on the following topics: